Frequently Asked Questions
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General FAQs
What can BestFit help me with? BestFit is your one-stop shop to find and apply for basic needs resources as a student. We’ve put both local and national resources all on one platform, so you can easily see what’s available to you from any device.
How do you define basic needs? Our platform includes resources for food, housing, physical and mental health, transportation, food & internet, education, financial & temporary assistance, etc. We continue to revise and add categories based on user feedback.
Do you have resources for every city? While we launched in Atlanta April 2020, we have national resources on our platform as well. We’re continuing to expand to new cities --click here to request BestFit in your city/state!
Why are you called BestFit? Our founders Asha and Becca attended college without visiting campus, and were lucky to find support systems there. Our mission is to empower every student with the resources and support to have a college experience that best fits their identities and needs, regardless of where they attend.
Student FAQs
Who can use BestFit? BestFit is for anyone looking for resources and support to succeed in college. You might be a working student wanting to know if you qualify for additional benefits, a mother returning to school while looking for childcare, or a rural student looking for a stronger internet connection. We’re here to connect you with the resources you need to focus on your education.
I’m not a student. Is BestFit still for me? Yes, you can use BestFit too! Since we provide information about local and national resources, BestFit is also used by community members looking for resources. Please be sure to check eligibility requirements to make sure you qualify for certain resources ahead of time.
Is BestFit free? We are free for all students and community members who want to use BestFit to find available resources!
Partner FAQs
How do I use BestFit? We provide institutions and organizations with a visually compelling platform to easily aggregate institutional and community knowledge, refer members to resources, and engage and track success. This is in addition to our free resource portal, which is available to anyone.
Can I use the data in your resource portal? We offer ways to integrate our resources to your existing platforms. Each resource is a result of our team’s hard work: we vet every data point to ensure it’s relevant and updated for our target audience. That said, contact us to learn more!
Why should I partner with BestFit? Every member of our team has experienced being a marginalized student. We’ve experienced the stigma and mental burden of asking for and receiving help, and we’re using our backgrounds in design and higher education to make getting help a dignified experience. As community leaders who have helped to implement student success initiatives, we stand by community-centered design: every feature is co-created with our users and stakeholders, rather than prescribing a solution.
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